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Visit types

Sampling of types of visits so that you may choose exactly what you want to invest you time, focus and financial commitment in when you work with Wild Herb. I recommend you start with a consultation or annual exam and let me guide you. 


Practitioner-led analysis of your symptoms, using appropriate modalities for exam, testing, and treatment. Anticipate following through on a treatment plan with follow-up visits. 

Women's Health

Whether it's period or bleeding or PMS related, an integrative naturopathic approach will help you find the deep rooted causes and therapies that help. 


Wellness Naturopathy

Ready to improve your health? We can focus on the systems of your body that need support, which will restore you to good digestion, mood, hormone production, and skin. 


Preconception, Fertility

Working on optimal health is important prior to conception. A naturpathic approach can rebalance your body and hormones. Prenatal detox is another way to prepare for pregnancy. Hormone and HPA axis work through functional medicine approaches can help solve your fertility issues. 



As a nurse midwife and naturopath, I can work with you in many ways. Visit this page for more info... Pregnancy Services



You know what you want analyzed and we're going to focus the visit time on the exam and anlysis. 

Women's Annual Exam

Focused whole-body exam for preventative wellness. May include pap if you are due. 


Traditional Naturopathy

Traditional naturopathy practice of looking at the iris and the features of the tongue and nails to learn about underlying weaknesses in your body. We study your consitutional type and try to find a matching Bach flower and homeopathic remedy.


Muscle Testing

Using applied kinesiology, we can test the response of your body to what subject is in question. A systems approach will go through point in the body that corresond to internal organs. Supplements can be tested to see what strengthens the systems that indicated weak. 



Examples of treatments that may be recommended during your consult, or may book directly. 

Pregnancy bodywork, breech babies

Hands on treatment to release the restrictive factors affecting how your uterus and baby sit within. Combines oils, frequencies, grounding, massage, teaching home exercises to promote  a positive alignment with baby. 


Pregnancy bodywork, labor release

Midwives have many ways to help you release into labor, but we rarely have the time and space to be with you for this help.  This is our hour together as a midwife and a mother, welcoming your birth process to start. 


Microfrequency therapy, Aura analysis

The Healy microfrequency device analyzes and delivers a customized frequency program. This quantum technology is cutting edge and was just released in the US after being used internationally. See testimonies at the facebook page The Healy Experience.  


Bach Flower remedy

Flower essences are especially good at balancing emotional and constiutional weaknesses. We'll find which remedies fit you and you'll go home with a personal mix of 4-6 remedies, which saves you the money of buying each remedy separately!



You have your desired testing in mind, or it has been suggested, and we are completing the labs and/or reviewing the results. 

Lab draw/dropoff

In & out, let's get that lab sent off. Priced per time needed. 

Pap collection only

So you know what you want- a pap. Okay, let's get that done as cheap as possible for you with a quick, focused visit!


Lab results review

We've got your results, now let's go through them. Do you want a quick overview? or are you ready to dive into a treatment plan?


STI testing only

Just want the tests? You got it, girl! Come get tested. 

If you have recurrent vaginosis or candida, you'd want to do a consult visit so we can work on fixing the problem. f