Crystal Bailey ND, CNM, APRN

Hello, I’m Crystal

…a Naturopath, Midwife, Nurse, and the heart behind Wild Herb Naturopathy.

Wild Herb is my dream practice, the culmination of my health practitioner journey, from the day 18 years ago I decided not to go the Medical Doctor educational route because I felt natural medicine resonated with my desire to heal. And since Naturopathic Physicians are not licensed in the sunny southern United States, I went the Nurse Practitioner route, the traditional Doctor of Naturopathy route, and the Institute for Functional Medicine routes of education! Becoming a Midwife, the ultimate caring natural profession, snuck into that professional path surprisingly and fit me perfectly!  When I'm not caring for families planning homebirth (check out, I'll be in my Oakhurst office seeing women desiring naturopathic approaches to their health. 

As women, our healing will resonate through our families and our communities. I invite you to join me, through Wild Herb, on your own journey of knowing your body more, loving it, and healing it.

And share the word that a different kind of healthcare is available, because so many of us are seeking this type of personalized care, and we need to take better care of ourselves in this busy world! 


  • Institute for Functional Medicine, clinical course- "Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice", 2020
  • Trinity School of Natural Health, Doctorate of Naturopathy, 2019
  • Emory University, Master of Nursing, Midwifery, 2007
  • Emory University, Bachelor of Nursing, 2006
  • Taylor University, Bachelor of Science, Biology, 2003



In sunny Atlanta, GA. Actually, Decatur. I'm a transplant from the midwest- my family lives in Ohio now, but I need more sunshine than that! 


I love to be in other cultures! Aside from traveling for fun, I have lived in Africa three times- Uganda, Malawi, and South Sudan. I've trained midwives there with SEED global health and served with Doctors without Borders. 


No kids. Single and searching. But many babies have I welcomed into this world as a midwife, and the freedom to leave home at 2am is perfect for that. Sometimes I have foster kids through Wellroot's respite program. 


My midwife work defines much of my life, and much of my reputation within the Atlanta community. I was trained at Emory, was a founding midwife at Atlanta Birth Center, and now have a homebirth practice-