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welcome to where healing is led by women

What we do

Healing that's focused on You.

We are a practice of women healers offering our expertise in our Atlanta community and online so we can help you achieve the health and wellness you desire.  Whether you'd like to begin with a wellness visit, or you're ready to join us for a healing journey, we are here to offer you personalized and compassionate care.


Your case is unique. You are here to find what YOU need, and what services you WANT. 


Your best VALUE in healthcare comes by directly paying your practitioners to focus on holistic services.


Engage your body's HEALING wisdom to achieve your innate, healthy self.

Service types


Work with our team of experts to address the root causes of your symptoms and create the change you desire. Our holistic evaluation of your health will include detailed intake with the coaches and clinical providers. Labs may be drawn and functional medicine labs recommended.  A naturopathic approach to physical assessment will be done by one of the trained naturopathic providers, helping you learn your constitutional state and how to balance it. Health coaches will work with you on the foundations needed- gut health, detox, nutrition, lifestyle, etc.  Most appropriate for those feeling ready to commit to change.


Schedule with a licensed women's health practitioner for your preventative health screening visit. This visit is a head to toe exam that typically includes breast exam, optional pelvic exam, evaluation of vaginal health, pap collection, basic bloodwork, etc. With a detailed intake assessment and a discussion of your current health goals, you'll leave aware of further options to work with our team in improving your health. This visit is for the woman curious about her current health and options to improve her wellbeing.

FERTILITY Consultations

Our holistic model of support for optimal conception is for any woman in preconception planning or infertility struggles. Meet with a hormone-focused practitioner, a health coach, and a feminine essence practitioner to help you address things such as ovulation, optimal egg and sperm health, detox, nutrition, and the energetics of being a fertile female ready to conceive. 


As a complement to your prenatal care team, we are here for your holistic needs in pregnancy. Our practitioners are providing pregnancy coaching alongside the @BetterPregnancy project. We offer nutrition, naturopathy, bodywork and ceremonial services. Some of our practitioners also offer private services such as doula work and homebirth. 

why we do This

We are women called to help women

As women, we understand the complexity of ourselves- spiritual, hormonal, emotional, physical beings pressured by expectations, burned out,  and traumatized. We've experienced this personally too, which is why we are coming together as a team to bring our synergy together over our passion for healing women. We believe the soft, feminine side of ourselves is where we rest and heal. We believe in sacredness, intention, ceremony, and honoring emotions. We believe we have been called to help women be whole, healthy, happy, and available in their beautiful feminine selves to their family, friends and community.

how we do This

Functional medicine & Naturopathy

We believe your symptoms matter.

Your symptoms tell a story- a story of your hormones, your emotions, your genetics, your lifestyle. 

We believe the physical and emotional environments from womb to adulthood matter.

Our detailed intake looks for antecedents & triggers that affect your current health and wellbeing.

We believe traditional naturopathy, herbs & energetic healing modalities help us heal. 

Naturopathy is a traditional approach to wellness and balance in the body using natural methods like herbs and homeopathy.

We believe modern testing and science help us identify root causes and personalized care plans.

Functional medicine is a modern approach to wellness using advanced labs, genetic analysis and proprietary supplements.

We believe the presence of caring female professionals leading you and holding you matters in your healing.

Women need to be able to relax and receive, restoring us to the ability to care for our families and community.

We are women, so we know how to care for women. 


What they say

Rachel Terry

"Calm, gentle, empowering"

"Dr.Bailey was thorough in her question asking, gentle in her approach, listened attentively, and gave me so much hope."

Syria Smith

"10/10 Recommended"

"If you want to take care of your body, mind, spirit, the healthy natural way - GO HERE. Best experience ever, literally changed my life and raised my vibrations"

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Contact Information

321 West Hill St, Decatur, GA 30030

Located in the village of Oakhurst, in the historic Scottish Rite hospital building.

Wild Herb office is in the back wing, next to Pregnancy Massage Center. Enter building from front or back.  Rear parking lot is easily accessed from Oakview Rd entrance.

Email: whn@wildherbnaturopathy.com

Phone: 404-236-9722