Wild Herb Women's Wellness

Holistic woman-centered health services,  focused on our body, our hormones, and our emotional wellbeing.

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What wild herb offers

Women's health services catered to You.

As a Doctor of Naturopathy & Certified Nurse Midwife, Crystal Bailey offers her women's health expertise through a holistic lens,  creating a healing space for women to come for an annual exam, or journey deeper into health struggles. Crystal's experience working in traditional gynecology clinics helps her understand the breadth of challenges women face, and the limitations of treating women by medical tactics, such as hormonal pills. In this holistic setting, she can focus on guiding you to the potential root causes of your symptoms and illuminate natural and functional methods that will bring you to the wellness and healing you desire.  


Your case is unique. You are here to find what YOU need, and what services you WANT. 


Your best VALUE in healthcare comes by bypassing insurance and directly supporting your local small-practice providers.


Nature has the remedies- the HELPERS- for you to achieve your innate, glowing self, and can help you get off of prescriptions medications.

* "Woman-centered" reflects the specialization and focus I bring to understanding the ways the hormones and reproductive organs affects us, and this focus can also be helpful for those who identify as non-binary. Personalized care will be delivered to YOU. I can care for babies, children, and men for naturopathy focused services also!

Wild Herb's mission

To support you to be the healthy You.

I've heard the health stories of thousands of women, and I've heard many say, "no one has believed me before!"  Your symptoms tell a story- a story of your hormones, your emotions, your genetics, your lifestyle... so many things!  If you are ready to work through it, then come tell me your story so we can find your path to healing. 

I want to help you solve your health hormone and emotional problems by getting to the deep roots, rerooting, fertilizing, and growing strong so that you can blossom!

What is the focus?

Using Naturopathy, the focus is on your individuality.

In this integrative healthcare practice, you'll be treated individually and with a broad set of modalities that may include the following: 


 A traditional approach to wellness and balance in the body using natural methods like herbs and homeopathy. Crystal has a Doctorate in Naturopathy. 


The practice of caring for women's health through their lifetime, focused on GYN & OB. Crystal is licensed as an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse as a Certified Nurse Midwife. 

functional medicine

A modern approach to wellness using advanced labs, genetic analysis and proprietary supplements. Crystal has completed the Institute for Functional Medicine's clinical course. 

Areas of Focus



Resetting cycling


Menstrual Problems

Heavy periods

Painful Periods

PMS & Irregularity


Hormonal Imbalance

Weight issues

Irregular cycles


Brain calming

Hormone balancing


Holistic focus on hormone balancing


Naturopathy Consult

Holistic evaluation of your health, including detailed history assessment and physical assessment. Goal of visit is to establish understanding of causes and contributors to your current health. First visit is long, detailed, and followed by sequential visits to work toward the goals agreed upon. Most appropriate for those seeking change and wellness.

Woman's Health & Wellness Exam

In the style of the traditional "yearly exam," you are seeking a clinical exam and advice on current health status and goals that you may want to focus on or return for health coaching, naturopathy, or labs. This visit is a head to toe exam that typically includes breast exam, optional pelvic exam, evaluation of vaginal health, pap collection, etc.

Family Planning & Fertility

A short consultation time will help me understand how to help you in your goals. This may be discussing birth control options, pregnancy planning, history of pregnancy loss, or fertility counseling. Women desiring help with improving fertility are best served through a naturopathy consult so that we can address what functional systems need support. 

Hormones, Adrenal & Thyroid workup

Do you know enough to know that you might have a hormone, adrenal or thyroid problem (since most of us do!)? Ready for testing and starting a plan based on results? Let's do it. We can go through baseline IFM questionnaire assessments, some naturopathy testing and your options for ordering functional labs. 

Pregnancy services

As a Nurse Midwife and Naturopath, I can work with you in many ways, either as your primary midwife or as your naturopath. I'm a part of a network of Atlanta providers focused on helping women optimize their pregnancy, birth experience and outcome. 

The most important gift I can give a woman is to set her on a course of better health and emotional strength.   Coming alongside those who struggle, listening to your story, honoring your symptoms, and finding the roots that need healed is my passion.  


Wellness approach, not pharmacological

At Wild Herb, health counseling and natural approaches are offered so that we can focus on root causes of your symptoms and support your optimum health. I offer screening exams and labs, refer for ultrasounds and breast screenings, and suggest differential diagnoses that may warrant a medical workup.  Wild Herb does not offer medical procedures, medical management or prescribing. By focusing my practice on holistic approaches, I can complement what most Family Practice and OB/GYN practices offer. I love referrals and the ability to collaborate professionally.

Wild Herb Blog


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September 27, 2020

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Contact Information

321 West Hill St, Decatur, GA 

Located in the village of Oakhurst, in the historic Scottish Rite hospital building.

Wild Herb office is in the back wing, next to Pregnancy Massage Center. Enter building from front or back.  Rear parking lot is easily accessed from Oakview Rd entrance.

Email: whn@wildherbnaturopathy.com